The State of Conflict and Violence in Asia 2021



Editor and lead author: Adam Burke
Authors: Araya Arayawuth, Triveni Chand, Sasiwan Chingchit, David Lander, Anagha Neelakantan, Saif Zihiri
Guest contributors and interviewees: Sidney Jones, Michael Vatikiotis, Sanjana Hattotuwa, Sarah Oh, Maria Ressa
Contributors, reviewers and editors: Farid Alam, Sunita Anandarajah, Racheal Atley, Robin Bush, Sam Chittick,
Bill Cole, Jena Karim, Shanmuganathan Kathirvelu, Tsering Kenji, Iqbal Mahmood, Mark McDowell, Farva Rashid Minhas, Adrian Morel, Jade O’Brien, Tom Parks, Don Pathan, Tabea Campbell Pauli, Johann Rebert, John Rieger, Suswopna Rimal, Kazi Faisal Bin Seraj, Nathan Shea, Jane Sloane, Manoj Suji, Preeti Thapa, Kat Tolosa, Pauline Tweedie, Parshuram Upadhyay, Namit Wagley, Pattamon Wattanawanitchakorn, Nancy Yuan
Photography: cover image, The Asia Foundation/Abdul Halik Azeez; all other images, The Asia Foundation.

This report was supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The Uppsala Conflict Data Program at Uppsala University generously provided expert input.

The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this report
do not necessarily reflect the views of The Asia Foundation or its funders.

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Violent conflict remains a critical ongoing concern that affects people across Asia as wars and insurgencies persist and new risks emerge. Through the Conflict and Fragility program, the Asia Foundation is addressing the root causes of violence through locally grounded and context-driven efforts to improve governance, targeted support for peacebuilding, conflict prevention initiatives, and concerted efforts to reduce gender-based violence. Emphasis is placed across programs on partnering with domestic institutions and building better understanding of how violence can be addressed.

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